As specialists in the wedding market, we understand your needs and your desire for uniqueness and variety. Fusion DJ Entertainment will work with you to give you the most original audio-visual entertainment package possible.

We understand our audiences musical tastes, and have years of experience of experience rocking the crowd. By blending seamlessly throughout our mixes we transition from genre to genre taking the audience on a musical voyage.

The most important part of your wedding day, will be the ceremony itself. Fusion DJ has experience providing music for all kinds of ceremonies. We will work with you, from the planning stage, throughout the entire process to ensure your special day goes according to plan.

We are able to supply sample ceremony music for the bridesmaids and brides entrance, background music for the signing, and music to accompany the recessional. Additionally we can select tasteful background music to act as ambiance welcoming your guests.

The music and entertainment for your wedding reception is crucial to the overall successful wedding and should not be overlooked. From the moment your guests arrive they will be met by carefully chosen background music that's unique to your reception.

Whether you have your own specific styles in mind, or want us to go with the flow, we'll do whatever possible to provide the best experience for your family and guests.